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Cerros Negros

AZ: Pinal Co., 960 m, 32.53° N and 110.56°W


Cerros NegrosAge. Mid and Late Wisconsin. A radiocarbon date on charcoal from the upper 10 cm of the deposit is 12,000 ± 300 BP (Agenbroad et al. 2013; Mead et al. 2005). The mammoth and horse material collected from the contact of a lower conglomerate deposit and a marl unit is estimated at about 27,000 BP. The mastodont material is estimated as 12-21 kya (Agenbroad et al. 2013).

General Description. This is a deposit of water-lain sediments above the San Pedro River (Agenbroad et al. 2013).


Mammuthus columbi—Columbian Mammoth (Agenbroad et al. 2013)
Mammut sp.—Mastodons (Agenbroad et al. 2013)
Equus sp.—Horses (Agenbroad et al. 2013)

Literature. Agenbroad et al. 2013; Mead et al. 2005.


Last Update: 20 Mar 2013