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Curtis Ranch

AZ: Cochise Co.


Curtis RanchAge. Very late Blancan, between 2.0 and 2.2 mya, slightly younger than the California Wash fauna (Morgan and White 2005).

General Description. San Pedro Valley about 20 km south of Benson (Morgan and White 2005).


Ambystoma mavortium—Barred Tiger Salamander (Brattstrom 1955)

Ambystoma tigrinum

Terrapene ornata—Ornate Box Turtle (Lindsay 1984: cf.)
Kinosternon flavescens—Yellow Mud Turtle (Lindsay 1984)
Hesperotestudo sp.—Hesperotestudo Tortoises (Brattstrom 1955)

Testudo sp.

Coluber constrictor—Eastern Racer (Brattstrom 1955)
Lampropeltis intermedius—Intermediate King Snake (Brattstrom 1955)
Crotalus lepidus—Rock Rattlesnake (Brattstrom 1955: cf.)
Nerodia sp.—Water Snakes (Brattstrom 1955)

Natrix sp.

Thamnophis sp.—Garter Snakes (Brattstrom 1955)
Patagioenas micula—Curtis Ranch Pigeon (Wetmore 1924)

Chloroenas micula (Wetmore 1924); Columba micula (Lindsay 1984)

Stegomastodon mirificus—Wonderful Mastodont (Morgan and White 2005)
Glyptotherium arizonae—Gidley's Glyptodont (Lindsay 1984)
Spermophilus cochisei—Cochise Ground Squirrel (Lindsay 1984)
Castor sp.—American Beavers (Lindsay 1984)
Dipodomys gidleyi—Gidley's Kangaroo Rat (Lindsay 1984)
Chaetodipus/Perognathus sp.—Pocket Mice (Lindsay 1984)

Perognathus sp.

Geomys persimilis—Hay's Pocket Gopher (Lindsay 1984)
Ondatra idahoensis—Idaho Muskrat (Lindsay 1984)
Baiomys brachygnathus—Short-faced Pygmy Mouse (Gazin 1942)
Bensonomys arizonae—Arizona Benson Mouse (Morgan and White 2005)
Onychomys pedroensis—San Pedro Grasshopper Mouse (Gazin 1942)
Neotoma sp.—Woodrats (Lindsay 1984)
Peromyscus sp.—Deer Mice (Lindsay 1984)
Sigmodon curtisi—Curtis Cotton Rat (Lindsay 1984)
Sigmodon minor—Lesser Cotton Rat (Lindsay 1984)
Aluralagus virginiae—Virginia Rabbit (Lindsay 1984)
Sylvilagus cunicularius—Mexican Cottontail (Morgan and White 2005: ?)
Sylvilagus floridanus—Eastern Cottontail (Morgan and White 2005: ?)
Histiotus stocki—Stock's Snub-nosed Bat (Morgan and White 2005)

Simonycteris stocki

Felis (sensu lato) sp.—Small Cats (Morgan and White 2005)

In recent years, the genus Felis has been split into a number of genera; in general, which of the currently recognized genera are represented in earlier paleontological publications is unknown. Morgan and White suggest most such Arizona records likely pertain to Lynx.

Panthera onca—Jaguar (Lindsay 1984)
Canis edwardii—Edward's Wolf (Lindsay 1984)
Spilogale sp.—Spotted Skunk (Morgan and White 2005)

Lindsay (1984) listed as Spilogale pedroensis; Kurt&eacuten and Anderson (1980) listed as Spilogale putorius. Spilogale putorius has been split into eastern and western species; Curtis Ranch is within the current range of the western species, S. gracilis, but criteria for establishing differences by skeletal remains have not been published.

Equus sp.—Horses (Lindsay 1984)
Platygonus sp.—Flat-headed Peccaries (Lindsay 1984)
Camelops sp.—American Camels (Lindsay 1984)
Hemiauchenia sp.—North American Llamas (Lindsay 1984)
Odocoileus sp.—Odocoline Deer (Morgan and White 2005: ?)
Capromeryx arizonensis—Skinner's Pronghorn (Morgan and White 2005)

Literature. Brattstrom 1955; Gazin 1942; ; Kurtén and Anderson 1980; Lindsay 1984; Morgan and White 2005; Wetmore 1924.


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