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Fain Ranch

AZ: Yavapai Co.


Synonyms: Prescott Valley (Mead et al. 2005).

Fain RanchAge. Late Wisconsin. A radiocarbon date of 11,560 ± 290 BP is available from ca. 1 m above the mammoth remains (Pasenko and Agenbroad 2012).

General Description. Sediments in the Agua Fria River drainage (Pasenko and Agenbroad 2012).


Mammuthus columbi—Columbian Mammoth (Pasenko and Agenbroad 2012: cf.)
Equus conversidens—Mexican Horse (Pasenko and Agenbroad 2012: cf.)
Camelops sp.—American Camel (Pasenko and Agenbroad 2012)
Bison sp.—Bison (Pasenko and Agenbroad 2012)

Literature. Pasenko and Agenbroad 2012.


Last Update: 30 Dec 2012