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Pit Stop Quarry

AZ: Navajo Co.


Site map for Pit Stop QuarryAge. Rancholabrean (Murray et al. 2005).

General Description. A commercial sand and gravel quarry 11 km south of Taylor (Murray et al. 2005). Murray et al. (2005) suggest that the vertebrate fauna, taken together with previous studies of Pleistocene environments in Arizona and elsewhere, records an relatively open habitat of sagebrush-grassland steppe habitat, with possibly open stands of conifers nearby.


Ambystoma mavortium—Barred Tiger Salamander (Mead 2005)

Murray et al. (2005) in the original report listed as Ambystomatidae, gen. et sp. indet. Mead 2005 listed as Ambystoma tigrinum (= current A. mavortium—see the taxon account for the use of the latter).

Thomomys sp.—Western Pocket Gophers (Murray et al. 2005)
Lemmiscus curtatus—Sagebrush Vole (Murray et al. 2005)
Brachylagus idahoensis—Pygmy Rabbit (Murray et al. 2005)
Platygonus compressus—Flat-headed Peccary (Murray et al. 2005).

Literature. Mead 2005; Murray et al. 2005.


Last Update: 13 Feb 2012