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San Quintín

Baja California.


Location of San Quintín.Age. Late Wisconsin.

General Description. The remains were recovered from alluvium at a depth of 2.5 m (Guía-Ramírez et al. 2013). A second skull was recovered in the area, buried in a layer of charcoal and volcanic ash, presumably from a nearby cinder cone (Picacho VizcaĆ­no) that erupted about 18 - 22 kya (Guía-Ramírez et al. 2013). There were cuts suggesting human exploitation (Guía-Ramírez et al. 2013). The date of Late Wisconsin refers to this specimen.

Other remains of M. columbi were recovered some 33 km south of the first find (Guía-Ramírez et al. 2013).


Mammuthus columbi—Columbian Mammoth (Guía-Ramírez et al. 2013)

Literature. Guía-Ramírez et al. 2013.


Last Update: 10 Aug 2014