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Tooth Cave

AZ: Coconino Co., 1460 m


Tooth CaveAge. Rancholabrean, probably late Wisconsin (Mead et al. 2005).

Tooth Cave, Coconino County. Tooth Cave is an unstudied cave in the Redwall Limestone in the central portion of Grand Canyon National Park at approximately I ,460 m elevation. No formal excavations have occurred; however, surface faunal remains, including Marmota and Equus, were recovered. No radiocarbon dates exist, but based on the extinct species a late Rancholabrean age is assumed. Results of radiometric dating from other caves in the region would indicate that the surface of Tooth Cave probably dates between 18,000 and 10,000 yr B.P., with some areas of Holocene deposition. [DeSaussure, 1956; Lange, 1956]

General Description. Cave in the Grand Canyon (Mead et al. 2005).


Gymnogyps californianus—California Condor (DeSaussure 1956)
Marmota flaviventris—Yellow-bellied Marmot (Lange 1956)
Equus sp.—Horses (DeSaussure 1956)
Odocoileus hemionus—Mule Deer (Mead et al. 2005)

Literature. DeSaussure 1956; Lange 1956; Mead et al. 2005.


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