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NM: Hidalgo Co.


Location of the Virden site.Age. A latest Blancan age (~1.8-2.2 Ma) is indicated (Morgan et al. 2008).

General Description. Pearson Mesa lies on the eastern flank of the Duncan Basin near Virden in extreme western New Mexico and extends into southeastern Arizona. The Virden Local Fauna comes from an interval about 10 m thick between 45 and 55 m above the base of the section (Morgan et al. 2008).

Although Morgan et al. (2008) list Geomys (Nerterogeomys) persimilis in Table 2 as occurring in the Virden Local Fauna, the taxonomic account (p. 156) makes clear that the taxon is only from the earlier Pearson Mesa Local Fauna.


Anura—Frogs and Toads (Morgan et al. 2008)
Colubridae—Colubrid Snakes (Morgan et al. 2008)
Sauria—Lizards (Morgan et al. 2008)
Galliformes—Galliform Birds (Morgan et al. 2008)
Passeriformes—Perching Birds (Morgan et al. 2008)
Terrapene sp.—Box Turtle (Morgan et al. 2008)
Hesperotestudo sp. (large)—Large Hesperotestudo Tortoise (Morgan et al. 2008)
†Proboscidea—Proboscideans (Morgan et al. 2008)
Glyptotherium arizonae—Arizona Glyptodont (Morgan et al. 2008)
Lynx—Bobcats (Morgan et al. 2008: cf.)
Sciuridae—Squirrels (Morgan et al. 2008)
Baiomys sp.—Pygmy Mice (Morgan et al. 2008)
Neotoma sp.—Woodrats (Morgan et al. 2008)
Bensonomys arizonae—Arizona Vesper Mouse (Morgan et al. 2008: cf.)
Sigmodon minor—Dwarf Cotton Rat (Morgan et al. 2008: cf.)
Lepus—Jackrabbits (Morgan et al. 2008: cf.)
Sylvilagus hibbardi—Hibbard's Cottontail (Morgan et al. 2008: cf.)
Canis lepophagus—Johnston's Coyote (Morgan and Lucas 2003)
Equus scotti—Scott's Horse (Morgan and Lucas 2003)
Hemiauchenia blancoensis—Blanco Llama (Morgan et al. 2008)
Hemiauchenia gracilis—Gracile Llama (Morgan et al. 2008)

Withdrawn: Camelops sp. (Morgan and Lucas 2003).

Literature. Morgan and Lucas 2003; Morgan et al. 2008.


Last Update: 25 Sep 2011