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Albuquerque Gravel Pits

NM: Bernalillo Co.


Location of the Albuquerque Gravel Pits sites.Age. Early Rancholabrean. Suggested to be older than 156 ka and less than 300 ka (Morgan and Lucas 2005)

General Description. Following Morgan and Lucas (2005), several localities within Albuquerque are combined. These are Albuquerque Gravel Products quarry, Springer's gravel pit, Universal Constructor's gravel pit, Saco gravel pit, Edith Bluff site, Hoffmantown gravel pit, and Embudo Arroyo. The fossils are from the Edith Formation.

Discussion. Earlier papers concerned with these sites are Lucas and Logan (1984), Lucas et al. (1988), and Morgan and Lucas (2000).


Mammut americanum—American Mastodont
Mammuthus columbi—Columbian Mammoth
Paramylodon harlani—Harlan's Ground Sloth
Arctodus simus—Giant Short-faced Bear
Equus niobrarensis—Niobrara Horse
Camelops hesternus—Yesterday's Camel
Hemiauchenia macrocephala—Big-headed Llama
Odocoileus sp.—Deer
Bison sp.—Bison)

Literature. Lucas and Logan 1984; Lucas et al. 1988; Morgan and Lucas 2000; Morgan and Lucas 2005.


Last Update: 4 Oct 2008