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Anacapa Island

Ventura Co.


Location of Anacapa Island

Age. Rancholabrean (Jefferson 1991b).

Discussion. This is the type locality for Peromyscus anyapahensis. Fossils were retrieved from the north shore of the eastern end of West Anacapa Island at about 25 ft above sea level (Miller et al. 1961). Miller et al. (1961) considered the site to represent a Pleistocene supra-littoral deposit.

With the lowering of sea level during glacial times, Anacapa Island merged with islands to the west to form Santa Rosae Island.

Aerial view of Anacapa Island

Fig. 1. The large island in the foreground is West Anacapa Island. Image courtesy of the National Park Service.


Chendytes lawi—Law's Flightless Goose (Miller et al. 1961)
Peromyscus anyapahensis—Anacapa Island Mouse (White 1966))

Literature. Jefferson 1991b; Miller et al. 1961; White 1966.


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