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Archuleta Creek

NM: Colfax Co. 36.9° N, 104.0° W


Location of Archuleta Creek site.

General Description. Archuleta Creek (tributary of the Dry Cimarron River), about 4 miles from the classic Folsom Site (Meltzer et al. 2004).

Discussion. Found in a deep undercut of the south bank ca. 4 m below the surface. Vertebrae lying on the upper surface of an apparent Pleistocene gravel layer.

Age. 10.190 ± 30 radiocarbon years BP (Meltzer et al. 2004).


Bison antiquus—Ancient Bison (Meltzer et al. 2004)

Literature. Meltzer et al. 2004.


Last Update: 23 Apr 2011