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Arkenstone Cave

AZ: Pima Co.: 1,112 m


Location of Arkenstone Cave.Age. Late Pleistocene (Czaplewski and Peachey 2003).

General Description. Arkenstone Cave lies near the foot of the Rincon Mountains in Sonoran desertscrub (Czaplewski and Peachey 2003).

Discussion. The cave apparently was the site of a maternity colony of Myotis thysanodes, with thousands of bones present (Czaplewski and Peachey 2003). Virtually all of the bones collected were of that species; remains of Desmodus are consistent with a single individual, and those of a small Myotis consistent with two individuals (Czaplewski and Peachey 2003).


Peromyscus sp.—Deer Mice (Czaplewski and Peachey 2003)
Desmodus stocki—Stock's Vampire Bat (Czaplewski and Peachey 2003)
Myotis (small)—Small Myotis (Czaplewski and Peachey 2003)
Myotis thysanodes—Fringed Myotis (Czaplewski and Peachey 2003)

Literature. Czaplewski and Peachey 2003


Last Update: 14 Dec 2012