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Bautista Badlands

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Location of Bautista Badlands

Age. Irvingtonian.

The Bautista Badlands, near the town of Hemet, lie only a few miles southeast of the Timoteo Badlands (Frick 1921).

Frick (1921) named two new species from the badlands: Tapirus merriami and Equus bautistensis. The latter now is considered a synonym of E. scotti (Scott 1998), but Merriam's Tapir is still recognized. Also see (accessed 25 Apr 2014).


Megalonyx—Megalonyx Ground Sloth (Frick 1921; Fossilworks: ?)
Lepus—Jack Rabbit (Frick 1921)

Identification based on two fragments of calcaneum and podial bone; almost certainly unidentifiable to genus.

Equus scotti—Scott's Horse (Frick 1921)

Equus bautistensis

Tapirus merriami—Merriam's Tapir (Frick 1921)
Odocoileus spp.—Odocoiline Deer (Frick 1921: ?)
Antilocapra sp.—Pronghorn (Frick 1921: ?)

Antilocapra or Neotragoceros

Capromeryx sp.—Diminutive Pronghorn

Literature: Frick 1921; Scott 1998.


Last Update: 25 Apr 2014