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Circus Route, Dry Cave

NM: Eddy Co., 1280 m.


Location of the Circus Route site, Dry Cave.Age. Older than 11,880 on stratigraphic grounds.

General Description. UTEP 123. Small chamber down slope and south of Stalag 17, apparently hitting the edge of the Entrance Fissure between Stalag 17 (UTEP 23) and Human Corridor (UTEP 31).

Discussion. A single collection produced four taxa.


Bubo virginianus—Great Horned Owl (Harris 1993c)
Corvus corax—Common Raven (Harris 1993c)
Sylvilagus nuttallii—Mountain Cottontail (Harris 1993c)
Taxidea taxus—American Badger (Harris 1993c)
Equus scotti—Scott's Horse (UTEP)

Literature. Harris 1993c.


Last Update: 6 Aug 2013