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Costa Mesa, Santa Isabel

CA: Orange Co.


Location of Costa Mesa.Age. Sangamon (Jefferson 2014).

Comment. In addition to the taxa noted below, there are some 40 marine fishes that are not handled here.


Actinemys pallida— Southern Western Pond Turtle (Jefferson 2014)

Clemmys marmorata

Gavia sp.—Loons (Jefferson 2014)
Diomedea sp.—Wandering Albatrosses (Jefferson 2014)
Puffinus sp.—Shearwaters (Jefferson 2014)
Uria aalge—Common Murre (Jefferson 2014)
Enhydra lutris—Sea Otter (Jefferson 2014)
Eumetopias jubatus—Stellar Sea Lion (Jefferson 2014)
Zalophus californianus—Sea Lion (Jefferson 2014)
Equus sp.—Horses (Jefferson 2014)
Camelops sp.— (Jefferson 2014)
Bison sp.— (Jefferson 2014)

Literature. Jefferson 2014.


Last Update: 7 May 2015