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Dry Gulch

NM: Lincoln Co.: 33°32'N, 105°44'W; 2073 m.


Dry Gulch mammoth digLocation of the Dry Gulch site.Age. Late Wisconsin. A single radiocarbon date of 8,850±50 BP (Beta-110110) was obtained from soil humus some 75 cm above the deposit containing the sole animal, Mammuthus (Mauldin et al. 1998). The date is almost certainly much too young to apply to the animal (Morgan and Lucas 2005).

General Description. Lincoln National Forest, Dry Gulch, about 3 km southwest of Nogal (Morgan and Lucas 2005).

Fig. 1. Dry Gulch excavation. Photograph by A.H. Harris.


Mammuthus columbi—Columbian Mammoth (Mauldin et al. 1998)
Odocoileus sp.—Deer (Morgan and Lucas 2005)

Literature. Mauldin et al. 1998; Morgan and Lucas 2005.


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