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East Cave, Hueco Mountains

TX: El Paso Co.


Location of East Cave.Age. Late Rancholabrean. Although most of the fairly extensive fauna is Holocene, the two taxa reported here are presumably Wisconsin in age.

General Description. Cave in an outlying limestone mass approximately 7 km west of the main Hueco Mountains (O'Laughlin 1977).

Discussion. The faunal material was retrieved during archaeological excavations. In common with many caves and rock shelters in the region, archaeological material has been deposited on top of Pleistocene material and then scrambled by pot hunting.


Mammuthus sp.—Mammoth (O'Laughlin 1977)
Hemiauchenia sp.—Llama (O'Laughlin 1977)

Literature. O'Laughlin 1977.


Last Update: 11 Oct 2008