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Entrance Chamber UTEP 24

NM: Eddy Co., Dry Cave


Location of El Paso.Age. Holocene, grading to Pleistocene deposits to north and at depth.

General Description. Fissure leading south from Entrance Sink of Dry Cave. Fill mostly to east of main path. Connected to UTEP 23 by test pit and to UTEP 25 by a tunnel at one time. Although most taxa listed probably are Holocene, some likely are not (e.g., Microtus mogollonensis).


Homo sapiens—Human
Lepus sp.—Jackrabbit
Sylvilagus sp.—Cottontail
Notiosorex crawfordi—Desert Shrew
Vespertilionidae—Vespertilionid Bats
Dipodomys sp. (small)—Kangaroo Rat
Chaetodipus cf. hispidus—Hispid Pocket Mouse
Perognathus sp. (small)—Silky Pocket Mouse
Microtus mogollonensis—Mogollon Vole (cf.)
Neotoma leucodon—White-toothed Woodrat
Neotoma mexicana—Mexican Woodrat
Onychomys sp.—Grasshopper Mouse
Peromyscus sp.—White-footed Mouse

Literature. Harris 1985.


Last Update: 8 Aug 2014