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Glendale, Muddy River Basin

NV: Clark Co.


GlendaleAge. Mid or Late Wisconsin (younger than charcoal dated at >33,000 and that was found 40 cm below the fossil turtle material) (Van Devender and Tessman 1975).

General Description. About 2 km southwest of Glendale. The fossiliferous deposits are near the top of gypsiferous claystones and siltstones (Van Devender and Tessman 1975).


Chelydra serpentina—Snapping Turtle (Van Devender and Tessman 1975)
Mammuthus sp.—Mammoth (Jefferson et al. 2015)
Mammut sp.—Mastodont (Jefferson et al. 2015)
Castor canadensis—American Beaver (Jefferson et al. 2015)
Dipodomys sp.—Kangaroo Rats (Jefferson et al. 2015)
Perognathus longimembris—Little Pocket Mouse (Van Devender and Tessman 1975)
Thomomys umbrinus—Southern Pocket Gopher (Jefferson et al. 2015)

It is likely that Thomomys bottae is meant; for a period of time, the species were considered conspecific by some mammalogists.

Microtus californicus—California Vole (Jefferson et al. 2015)
Microtus montanus—Montane Vole (Jefferson et al. 2015)
Ondatra zibethicus—Common Muskrat (Jefferson et al. 2015)
Neotoma lepida—Desert Woodrat (Jefferson et al. 2015)
Onychomys sp.—Grasshopper Mice (Jefferson et al. 2015)
Equus sp.—Horses (Jefferson et al. 2015)
Camelops hesternus—Yesterday's Camel (Jefferson et al. 2015)
Odocoileus hemionus—Mule Deer (Jefferson et al. 2015)
Ovis canadensis—Bighorn Sheep (Jefferson et al. 2015)

Jefferson et al. (2015) note that the report of Mammut has not be documented.

Literature. Jefferson et al. 2015; Van Devender and Tessman 1975.


Last Update: 31 Mar 2015