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Gutierrez Gravel Pit

NM: Bernalillo Co.: 34°57'N, 106°44'W; NM


Location of the Gutierrez Gravel Pit site.Age. Probably Medial Irvingtonian. The fossils are associated with a volcanic ash that appears to represent material from the Yellowstone caldera dated at 0.64 mya, and the fauna is consistent with this age (McDonald and Morgan 2011).

General Description. Morgan and Lucas (2005): A coarse gravel and conglomeratic unit; a white volcanic ash supplies a fine-grained matrix.


Megalonyx wheatleyi—Wheatley's Ground Sloth (McDonald and Morgan 2011: cf.)
Equus scotti—Scott's Horse (McDonald and Morgan 2011)
Camelops hesternus—Yesterday's Camel (Morgan and Lucas 2005: ?)
Hemiauchenia macrocephala—Big-headed Llama (Morgan and Lucas 2005)

Literature. McDonald and Morgan 2011; Morgan and Lucas 2005.


Last Update: 7 Sep 2011