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Hord Rock Shelter, Brewster Co., TX 30° 23' N, 103° 17' W, elev. ca. 5550 ft.


Location of Hord Rock Shelter.

Age. Assumed to be late Wisconsin.

General Description. Rock shelter west-northwest of Alpine near the junction of Jeff Davis, Presidio, and Brewster counties (Smith 1934).

Discussion. Archaeological excavation in 1933 uncovered bones from below an overhanging rock wall that was revealed during excavation. Nearby faunal and archaeological artifacts were listed in relation to a Euceratherium metatarsal (Smith 1934); only taxa listed as below are given in the faunal list. A ?Equus bone and an atlatl point were recorded as at the same level; other taxa recorded from "the general digging", likely associated with the archeological material, though not so stated, included rabbit, deer, small dog or fox, and Antilocapra americana. The metatarsal was identified by Charles Gazin as "of a musk-ox like animal which resembles rather closely this bone in the Preptoceros-Euceratherium [sic!] group (Smith 1934:104).

Age. Rancholabrean on basis of extinct fauna.


Equus sp.—Horse (Smith 1934)
Euceratherium collinum—Shrub Oxen (Smith 1934)

Literature. Smith 1934.


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