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Imperial Highway, La Habra

California: Orange County


Location of the Imperial Highway site

Age. Wisconsin (Jefferson 1991a).


Meleagris californica—California Turkey (Jefferson 1991a)
†Paramylodon harlani—Harlan's Ground Sloth (Jefferson 1991b: cf.)

Glossotherium sp.

Mammuthus columbi—Columbian Mammoth (Jefferson 1991b)
Mammut americanum—American Mastodont (Jefferson 1991b: cf.)
Eguus sp.—Horses (Jefferson 1991b)
Camelops sp.—American Camels (Jefferson 1991b: cf. gen.)
Odocoileus sp.—Deer (Jefferson 1991b)
Antilocapra sp.—Pronghorns (Jefferson 1991b)

Literature. Jefferson 1991a; Jefferson 1991b.


Last Update: 21 Jan 2014