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Indian Well Wilderness

NM: Socorro Co.


Location of the Fite Ranch site.Age. Probably between 150 and 130 ka (Morgan et al. 2009).

Description. In a small arroyo on the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Reserve, about 1 km north of the Visitor Center; the sediments appear to be part of a Pleistocene terrace (Morgan et al. 2009).

Discussion. Morgan et al. (2009): The fossil consists of a partial proboscidean femur. Mammuthus is ruled out by the proportions, leaving the identity as gomphothere or mastodon. If the age is correct, then likely the latter is represented.


†Proboscidea—Proboscidean (Morgan et al. 2009)

Literature. Morgan et al. 2009.


Last Update: 8 Jul 2010