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Kilbourne Hole

NM: Doña Co.


Synonyms. Kilburn crater.

Location of Kilbourne Hole, NMAge. Pleistocene (likely Irvingtonian).

General Description. Well in the floor of Kilbourne Hole (Hay 1924).

Discussion. Kilbourne Hole is a maare, a crater believed to have been formed by explosive heating of ground water. The fossil, a partial jaw, was recovered from a depth of 70 feet below the floor of the crater (Hay 1924).

Kilbourne Hole

Kilbourne Hole as seen from the air. Photograph courtesy of Aaron Velasco and Jose M. Hurtado, Jr., Dept. of Geological Sciences, University of Texas at El Paso.


Equus sp.—Horse (Hay 1924)

Literature. Hay 1924.


Last Update: 26 Apr 2013