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Lechuguilla Cave

NM: Eddy Co.


Location of Lechuguilla Cave.Age. Pleistocene.

General Description. A very deep and extensive cave within Carlsbad National Park, about 3 miles northeast of Carlsbad Caverns.

Discussion. During exploration of the cave, remains of various vertebrates were recovered. A number of bat remains apparently are less than 10 ka (Santucci et al. 2001). An articulated skeleton of Bassariscus astutus (Santucci et al. 2001) is assumed to be Pleistocene in age.


Nothrotheriops shastensis—Shasta Ground Sloth (McDonald and Morgan 2011)
Bassariscus astutus—Ringtail (Santucci et al. 2001)

Literature. McDonald and Morgan 2011; Santucci et al. 2001.


Last Update: 7 Sep 2011