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McKittrickAge. Mid/Late Wisconsin. The various localities in the vicinity of McKittrick apparently vary in age from mid Wisconsin to Holocene (Fox-Dobbs et al. 2014). 14C dates are summarized in Fox-Dobbs et al. (2014). As near as can be seen from published data, most of the vertebrate material is Mid or Late Wisconsin in age. A radiocarbon date of 38,000 ± 2,500 yr BP (Jefferson 1991a) has been considered questionable. A date on Hemiauchenia is 26,850 ± 590, but specific locality data were not given (Fox-Dobbs et al. 2014). Fox-Dobbs et al. noted that some upper levels include Holocene fauna and that much of the cervid material is from upper levels and likely late Pleistocene or early Holocene. Fox-Dobbs et al. reported three new dates on faunal elements (Panthera atrox, Arctodus simus, and Cervus elaphus), ranging from 15,290 ± 510 to 11,040 ± 310. For purposes here, the fauna is considered as Mid and Late Wisconsin with the caveat that a few taxa may be Holocene.

Jefferson (2014) reported as "Asphalto Number 2, (McKittrick)" an apparently mixed deposit (? Blancan and or in part Irvingtonian and Rancholabrean); I've chosen not to include this material.

General Description. Fossils were recovered from several asphalt deposits near the city of McKittrick (Jefferson 1991b). Fox-Dobbs et al. (2014) summarized the history of faunal recovery from the McKittrick area.



Actinemys pallida—Southern Western Pond Turtle (Jefferson 1991a)

Clemmys marmorata

Gopherus agassizii—Desert Tortoise (Jefferson 1991a)


Gambelia wislizenii—Long-nosed Leopard Lizard (Jefferson 1991a)
Sceloporus occidentalis—Western Fence Lizard (Jefferson 1991a)
Plestiodon gilberti—Gilbert's Skink (Jefferson 1991a)

Eumeces gilberti

Lampropeltis getula—Common Kingsnake (Jefferson 1991a)

Lampropeltis getulus

Crotalus oreganus—Western Rattlesnake (Jefferson 1991a)

Crotalus viridis


Anabernicula gracilenta—Graceful Pygmy Goose (Jefferson 1991a)
Anas acuta—Northern Pintail (Jefferson 1991a)
Anas americana—American Wigeon (Jefferson 1991a)
Anas clypeata—Northern Shoveler (Jefferson 1991a)
Anas crecca—Green-winged Teal (Jefferson 1991a)
Anas cyanoptera—Cinnamon Teal (Jefferson 1991a)
Anas platyrhynchos—Mallard (Jefferson 1991a)
Anas strepera—Gadwall (Jefferson 1991a)
Aythya affinis—Lesser Scaup (Jefferson 1991a: ?)
Aythya americana—Redhead (Jefferson 1991a)
Aythya valisineria—Canvasback (Jefferson 1991a)
Branta canadensis—Canada Goose (Jefferson 1991a)
Bucephala albeola—Bufflehead (Jefferson 1991a)
Cygnus columbianus—Tundra Swan (Jefferson 1991a)
Oxyura jamaicensis—Ruddy Duck (Jefferson 1991a)
Callipepla californica—California Quail (Jefferson 1991a)
Podilymbus podiceps—Pied-billed Grebe (Jefferson 1991a)
Ciconia maltha—La Brea Stork (Jefferson 1991a)
Ardea alba—Great Egret (Jefferson 1991a)

Casmerodius albus

Ardea herodias—Great Blue Heron (Jefferson 1991a)
Butorides striata—Striated Heron (Jefferson 1991a)
Egretta caerulea—Little Blue Heron (Jefferson 1991a)
Nycticorax nycticorax—Black-crowned Night-heron (Jefferson 1991a)
Plegadis chihi—White-faced Ibis (Jefferson 1991a)

Ajaia ajaja

Teratornis merriami—Merriam's Teratorn— (Jefferson 1991a)
Cathartes aura—Turkey Vulture (Jefferson 1991a)
Coragyps occidentalis—Western Black Vulture (Jefferson 1991a)
Gymnogyps californianus—California Condor (Jefferson 1991a)

Gymnogyps amplus (see G. californianus account for usage)

Accipiter cooperii—Cooper's Hawk (Jefferson 1991a)
Amplibuteo woodwardi—Woodward's Eagle (Jefferson 1991a)
Aquila chrysaetos—Golden Eagle (Jefferson 1991a)

Buteo jamaicensis—Red-tailed Hawk (Jefferson 1991a)
Buteo regalis—Ferruginous Hawk (Jefferson 1991a)
Buteo swainsoni—Swainson's Hawk (Jefferson 1991a)
Buteogallus fragilis—Fragile Black-hawk (Jefferson 1991a)
Circus cyaneus—Northern Harrier (Jefferson 1991a)
Haliaeetus leucocephalus—Bald Eagle (Jefferson 1991a)
Neogyps errans—Errant Eagle (Jefferson 1991a)
Neophrontops americanus—American Neophrontops— (Jefferson 1991a)
Spizaetus grinnelli—Grinnel's Hawk-eagle (Jefferson 1991a)
Fulica americana—American Coot (Jefferson 1991a)
Rallus limicola—Virginia Rail (Jefferson 1991a)
Recurvirostra americana—American Avocet (Jefferson 1991a)
Charadrius montanus—Mountain Plover (Jefferson 1991a)
Charadrius vociferus—Killdeer (Jefferson 1991a)
Numenius americanus—Long-billed Curlew (Jefferson 1991a)
Numenius phaeopus—Whimbrel (Jefferson 1991a)
Calidris alpina—Dunlin (Jefferson 1991a)
Limnodromus griseus—Short-billed Dowitcher (Jefferson 1991a)
Tringa melanoleuca—Greater Yellowlegs (Jefferson 1991a)
Zenaida macroura—Mourning Dove (Jefferson 1991a)
Geococcyx californianus—Greater Roadrunner (Jefferson 1991a)
Tyto alba—Barn Owl (Jefferson 1991a)
Asio flammeus—Short-eared Owl (Jefferson 1991a)
Athene cunicularia—Burrowing Owl (Jefferson 1991a)
Bubo virginianus—Great Horned Owl (Jefferson 1991a)
Otus kennicotti—Western Screech Owl (Jefferson 1991a)
Colaptes auratus—Northern Flicker (Jefferson 1991a)
Caracara cheriway—Crested Caracara (Jefferson 1991a)

Polyborus plancus

Falco columbarius—Merlin (Jefferson 1991a)
Falco mexicanus—Prairie Falcon (Jefferson 1991a)
Falco peregrinus—Peregrine Falcon (Jefferson 1991a)
Falco rusticolus—Gyrfalcon (Jefferson 1991a)
Falco sparverius—American Kestrel (Jefferson 1991a)
Corvus corax—Common Raven (Jefferson 1991a)
Petrochelidon pyrrhonota—Cliff Swallow (Jefferson 1991a)

Hirundo pyrrhonota


†Mammuthus columbi—Columbian Mammoth (Schultz 1937)

Parelephas columbi

Mammut americanum—American Mastodon (Schultz 1937)

Mastodon raki

Megalonyx sp.—Megalonyx Ground Sloths (Schultz 1937: ?)
Paramylodon harlani—Harlan's Ground Sloth (Schultz 1937)
Ammospermophilus nelsoni—San Joaquin Antelope Squirrel (Schultz 1937: cf.)
Otospermophilus beecheyi—California Ground Squirrel (Schultz 1937: cf.)

Otospermophilus grammurus. Although O. grammurus generally is considered a synonym of O. variegatus, it here is assumed that the species currently in the geographic range that includes McKittrick is meant. Jefferson (1991b) lists as S. cf. beecheyi.

Dipodomys ingens—Giant Kangaroo Rat (Schultz 1937: cf.)
Perognathus inornatus—San Joaquin Pocket Mouse (Schultz 1937: cf.)
Thomomys bottae—Botta's Pocket Gopher (Schultz 1937)
Microtus californicus—California Vole (Schultz 1937)
Neotoma lepida—Desert Woodrat (Schultz 1937)
Onychomys sp.—Grasshopper Mice (Schultz 1937: ?)
Peromyscus californicus—California Mouse (Schultz 1937: cf.)
Reithrodontomys sp.—Harvest Mice (Schultz 1937: ?)
Lepus californicus—Black-tailed Jackrabbit (Schultz 1937)
Sylvilagus audubonii—Desert Cottontail (Schultz 1937)
Sylvilagus bachmani—Brush Rabbit (Schultz 1937)
Sorex sp.—Pygmy Shrew (Jefferson 1991b)

Microsorex sp.

Sorex ornatus—Ornate Shrew (Schultz 1937: cf.)
Sorex trowbridgii—Trowbridge's Shrew (Jefferson 1991b: cf.)
Antrozous pallidus—Pallid Bat (Schultz 1937)
Lynx rufus—Bobcat (Schultz 1937)

Lynx rufa (Schultz 1937)

Panthera atrox—American Lion (Fox-Dobbs et al. 2014)
Puma concolor—Mountain Lion (Schultz 1937)

Felis daggetti

Smilodon fatalis—Sabertooth (Schultz 1937)

Smilodon californicus (Schultz 1937)

Canis dirus—Dire Wolf (Schultz 1937)

Aenocyon dirus

Canis latrans—Coyote (Schultz 1937)
Canis lupus—Gray Wolf (Jefferson 1991b)
Vulpes macrotis—Kit Fox (Schultz 1937)
Arctodus simus—Giant Short-faced Bear (Fox-Dobbs et al. 2014)

Tremarctotherium simum

Ursus arctos—Brown Bear (Schultz 1937)

Ursus optimus

Mustela frenata—Long-tailed Weasel (Schultz 1937)
Taxidea taxus—American Badger (Schultz 1937)
Mephitis mephitis—Striped Skunk (Schultz 1937)
Spilogale gracilis—Western Spotted Skunk (Schultz 1937)

Spilogale phenax

Equus occidentalis—Western Horse (Schultz 1937)
Platygonus compressus—Flat-headed Peccary (Schultz 1937: cf.)
Camelops hesternus—Yesterday's Camel (Schultz 1937)
Hemiauchenia macrocephala—Big-headed Llama (Schultz 1937)

Tanupolama stevensi

Cervus elaphus—Elk (Fox-Dobbs et al. 2014)
Odocoileus sp.—Deer (Schultz 1937)
Antilocapra americana—Pronghorn (Schultz 1937)
Capromeryx furcifer—Matthew's Pronghorn (Schultz 1937)

Capromeryx minor

Bison antiquus—Ancient Bison (Schultz 1937)
Euceratherium collinum—Shrub Oxen (Jefferson 1991b: cf.)

Literature. Fox-Dobbs et al. 2014; Jefferson 1991a, 1991b, 2014; Schultz 1937.


Last Update: 10 Jun 2014