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Mina Erupción

MEXICO: Chihuahua: ~30° 34' N and 105° 49' W


Location of Mina Erupción

Age. Pleistocene.

General Description. Fossils were recovered from fissure and cave deposits encountered by a mining tunnel (Majorie Tunnel) in Los Lamentos Mountains, some 90 miles south-southeast of El Paso (Eaton 1923). Current signs of past entrances were absent (Eaton 1923).


Canis edwardii—Edward's Wolf (Nowak 1979).

Equus sp.—Horse (Eaton 1923).

Odocoileus sp.—Deer (Eaton 1923: ?).

Literature. Eaton 1923; Nowak 1979.


Last Update: 22 Nov 2013