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Mule Ears Peak Cave

TX: Brewster Co.: ca. 29°10' N, 103°25' W.


Location of Mule Ears Peak Cave.Age. Late Wisconsin.

General Description. Cave on the south peak of Mule Ears Peak, 10 mi north of the Rio Grande (Wetmore 1933).

Discussion. Santucci et al. (2002) noted that the excavations by F. M. Setzler in 1933 in Mule Ears Peak Cave #1 produced remains of 27 California Condors. Emslie (1987) reported a date on Gymnogyps californianus tissue as 12,580 ± 135 (AA-1494).


Gymnogyps californianus—California Condor (Wetmore 1933).

Literature. Emslie 1987; Santucci et al. 2001; Wetmore 1933.


Last Update: 8 Mar 2009