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Mystery Light Cave

TX: Culberson Co.


Location of Dust Cave.Age. Late Wisconsin based on the fauna.

Description. Cave located in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Discussion. The fauna is based on a relatively small faunal sample by park personnel and identified by myself.


Corvus corax—Common Raven
Ictidomys tridecemlineatus/Xerospermophilus spilosoma—Thirteen-lined or Spotted Ground Squirrel (cf. gen. et sp.)
Marmota flaviventris—Yellow-bellied Marmot
Tamiasciurus hudsonicus—Red Squirrel
Microtus sp.—Voles
Neotoma cinerea—Bushy-tailed Woodrat
Peromyscus sp.—Deer Mice
Sylvilagus floridanus—Eastern Cottontail
Myotis sp.—Myotis Bats
Canis latrans—Coyote
Equus conversidens—Mexican Horse (cf.)
Navahoceros fricki—Mountain Deer (cf.)
Stockoceros conklingi—Conkling's Pronghorn (cf.)


Last Update: 1 Oct 2010