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Pacific City, Huntington Beach

CA: Orange Co.


Location of Pacific City.Age. Mid Wisconsin. A radiocarbon date 19,890 ± 120 ka for large mammals collected from the upper layers was obtained from caliche (Wake and Roeder 2009). Fish, amphibian, bird, and small mammals occurred in an older deposit (40,980 ± 800 ka) obtained from dating of a freshwater mollusk shell (Wake and Roeder 2009).

Description. "The site lies in stabilized Pleistocene dune deposits consisting primarily of fine-grained fluvial sands with isolated deposits of silts and clays" (Wake and Roeder 2009:364).

Discussion. "The species composition of the LACM 7679 microfauna and flora suggests that mesic riparian zones were more widespread in southern California during the late Pleistocene, but still closely associated with drier sclerophytic scrub and chaparral habitats more common in the region today" (Wake and Roeder 2009:369).

Younger Fauna.

Mammuthus sp.—Mammoths (Jefferson 2014)
Equus sp.—Horses (Jefferson 2014)
Bison sp.—Bison (Jefferson 2014)

Older Fauna (LACM 7679)

Osteichthyes—Bony Fishes

Gila orcuttii—Arroyo Chub (Wake and Roeder 2009:cf.)
Gasterosteus aculeatus—3-spined Stickleback (Wake and Roeder 2009)
Cottus asper—Prickly Sculpin (Wake and Roeder 2009: cf.)


Aneides lugubris—Arboreal Salamander (Wake and Roeder 2009)
Batrachoseps sp.—Slender Salamanders (Wake and Roeder 2009)
Ensatina eschscholtzii—Ensatina (Wake and Roeder 2009)
Anaxyrus boreas—Western Toad (Wake and Roeder 2009)

Listed as Bufo boreas

Hyla regilla—Western Chorus Frog
Rana sp.—True Frogs (Wake and Roeder 2009)

It appears that Wake and Roeder (2009) did not recognize the split between Rana and Lithobates. The site currently is within the range of Rana.


Actinemys marmorata—Western Pond Turtle (Wake and Roeder 2009: cf. gen. et sp.)


Elgaria multicarinata—Southern Alligator Lizard (Wake and Roeder 2009: cf. gen. et sp.)
Anniella pulchra—California Legless Lizard (Wake and Roeder 2009)
Sceloporus sp.—Spiny Lizards (Wake and Roeder 2009)
Uta stansburiana—Side-blotched Lizard (Wake and Roeder 2009)
Lampropeltis getula—California Kingsnakes (Wake and Roeder 2009: cf.)
Masticophis sp.—Racer (Wake and Roeder 2009)
Pituophis catenifer—Gopher Snake (Wake and Roeder 2009)

As P. melanoleucus

Rhinocheilus lecontei—Long-nosed Snake (Wake and Roeder 2009)
Diadophis punctatus—Ring-necked Snake (Wake and Roeder 2009)
Thamnophis sp.—Garter Snakes (Wake and Roeder 2009)


Callipepla californica—California Quail (Wake and Roeder 2009)
Rallus limicola—Virginia Rail (Wake and Roeder 2009)


Tamias sp.—Chipmunks (Wake and Roeder 2009: cf.)
Dipodomys agilis—Pacific Kangaroo Rat (Wake and Roeder 2009: cf.)
Thomomys bottae—Botta's Pocket Gopher (Wake and Roeder 2009)
Microtus californicus—California Vole (Wake and Roeder 2009)
Neotoma sp.—Woodrat (Wake and Roeder 2009)
Peromyscus maniculatus—Deer Mouse (Wake and Roeder 2009: cf.)
Reithrodontomys megalotis— (Wake and Roeder 2009)
Sylvilagus bachmani—Brush Rabbit (Wake and Roeder 2009)
Sorex ornatus—Ornate Shrew (Wake and Roeder 2009: cf.)
Scapanus latimanus—Broad-footed Mole (Wake and Roeder 2009)

Literature. Jefferson 2014; Wake and Roeder 2009.


Last Update: 4 Jan 2016