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Red Tail Peak Midden, Whipple Mountains

CA: San Bernardino Co.


Location of Red Tail Peak Midden

Age. Late Wisconsin. Radiocarbon dates are 13,810 ± 270, 11,520 ± 160, 10,030 ± 160 (Jefferson 1991b).

Synonyms. Redtail Peak Midden.

Description. Woodrat midden (Jefferson 1991b).


Anaxyrus punctatus—Red-spotted Toad (Jefferson 1991a)

Bufo punctatus

Lampropeltis getula—Common Kingsnake (Jefferson 1991a)
Hypsiglena chlorophaea—Desert Night Snake (Jefferson 1991a)

Hypsiglena torquata. With the recognition of several species within the earlier named species Hypsiglena torquata, it becomes difficult to know what taxon is represented. My placement of this taxon in H. chlorophaea is strictly on present day distribution.

Dipodomys sp.—Kangaroo Rats (Jefferson 1991b)
Neotoma sp.—Woodrats (Jefferson 1991b)
Peromyscus sp.—Deer Mice (Jefferson 1991b)
Lepus sp.—Jack Rabbits (Jefferson 1991b)

Literature. Jefferson 1991a, 1991b.


Last Update: 19 Feb 2014