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Sabertooth Camel Maze, Dry Cave: UTEP Loc. 5

NM: Eddy Co.: 1280 m.


Location of the Sabertooth Camel Maze site.Age. Early/Early Mid Wisconsin. 14C date of 25,160 ± 1,730 (TX-1775) on bone carbonates. The date is believed to be too young.

General Description. Lowest known level east and south of the North-South Fissure (rear of Dry Cave). Tracing upslope, passages reach Balcony above Lost Valley (UTEP Loc. 2). The deposits appear to be waterlain.

Discussion. UTEP 2 and UTEP 5 were lumped together in Harris (1985), but are treated separately here.

A calcaneum listed as Lynx sp. ? in Harris (1993c) appears to be too small to represent that taxon. Specimens originally thought to represent Nyctinomops macrotis have been re-examined and appear too large for that species (see "? Nyctinomops" account). Greater experience with Sylvilagus has resulted in re-identification of S. nuttallii (Harris 1993c: cf.) to S. floridanus.



Gopherus morafkai—Morafka's Tortoise (Van Devender et al. 1976)
Hesperotestudo wilsoni—Wilson's Tortoise (Moodie and Van Devender 1979)


Callipepla squamata—Scaled Quail (Harris 1993c: cf.)
Meleagris crassipes—Big-foot Turkey (Harris 1993c)
Breagyps clarkii—Clark's Condor (Harris 1993c)
Coragyps occidentalis—Western Vulture (Harris 1993c)
Zenaida sp.—Zenaida Dove (Harris 1993c: cf.)
Corvus neomexicanus—New Mexican Raven (Harris 1993c)


Dipodomys sp. (small)—Small Kangaroo Rat (Harris 1993c)
Cratogeomys castanops—Yellow-faced Pocket Gopher (Harris 1993c)
Thomomys bottae—Botta's Pocket Gopher (Harris 1993c)
Neotoma leucodon—White-toothed Woodrat (Harris 1993c)
Neotoma pygmaea—Pygmy Woodrat (Harris 1993c: cf.)
Aztlanolagus agilis—Aztlán Rabbit (Harris 1993c)
Lepus californicus—Black-tailed Jackrabbit (Harris 1993c)
Sylvilagus audubonii—Desert Cottontail (Harris 1993c)
Sylvilagus floridanus —Eastern Cottontail (UTEP)
Pumas concolor—Mountain Lion (Harris 1993c)
Canis dirus—Dire Wolf (Harris 1993c)
Canis lupus—Gray Wolf (Harris 1993c)
Vulpes velox—Swift Fox (Harris 1993c: cf.)
Ursus —Bear (Harris 1993c: ?)
Bassariscus astutus—Ringtail (Harris 1993c)
Camelops hesternus—Yesterday's Camel (Harris 1993c: cf.)
Hemiauchenia macrocephala—Big-headed Llama (UTEP)
Odocoileus—Deer (Harris 1993c: cf.)
Capromeryx sp.—Miniature Pronghorn (Harris 1993c)


Sylvilagus nuttallii—Mountain Cottontail (Harris 1993c: cf.)
Nyctinomops macrotis—Big Free-tailed Bat (Harris 1993c)
Lynx sp.—Bobcat (Harris 1993c: ?)
Urocyon cinereoargenteus—Gray Fox (Harris 1993c)

Literature. Harris 1977, 1985a, 1987, 1993c; Magish and Harris 1976; Moodie and Van Devender 1979; Van Devender et al. 1976.


Last Update: 1 Jul 2011