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San Pedro Lumber Company

CA: Los Angles Co.

Location of the San Pedro Lumber Yard.This site may be the same as the San Pedro Lumber Yard site; see the remarks for that site.

Age. Sangamon (Jefferson 1991b).


Gasterosteus aculeatus—Three-spined Stickleback (Jefferson 1991a)
Anaxyrus sp.—Nearctic Toads (Jefferson 1991a)

Bufo sp.

Rana sp.—Brown Frogs (Jefferson 1991a: cf. gen.)
Taricha sp.—Western Newts (Jefferson 1991a)
Actinemys sp.—Pond Turtles (Jefferson 1991a)

Clemmys sp.

Lampropeltis getula—Common Kingsnake (Jefferson 1991a)

Lampropeltis getulus

Pituophis catenifer—Gopher Snake (Jefferson 1991a)

Pituophis melanoleucus catenifer

Crotalus oreganus viridis—Western Rattlesnake (Jefferson 1991a)

Crotalus viridis

Anas americanus—American Wigeon (Jefferson 1991a)
Anas clypeata—Northern Shoveler (Jefferson 1991a)
Anas crecca—Green-winged Teal (Jefferson 1991a)
Anas platyrhynchos—Mallard (Jefferson 1991a)
Anser albifrons—Greater White-fronted Goose (Jefferson 1991a)
Branta bernicla—Brant (Jefferson 1991a: ?)
Branta canadensis—Canadian Goose (Jefferson 1991a)
Bucephala albeola—Bufflehead (Jefferson 1991a)
Chendytes lawi—Law's Flightless Sea Duck (Jefferson 1991a)
Melanitta fusca—Velvet Scoter (Jefferson 1991a)
Melanitta perspicillata—Surf Scoter (Jefferson 1991a)
Callipepla californica—California Quail (Jefferson 1991a)
Gavia immer—Great Northern Loon (Jefferson 1991a)
Gavia pacifica—Pacific Loon (Jefferson 1991a)
Aechmophorus occidentalis—Western Grebe (Jefferson 1991a)
Podiceps auritus—Horned Grebe (Jefferson 1991a: ?)
Podiceps nigricollis—Eared Grebe (Jefferson 1991a)
Diomedea sp.—Albatrosses (Jefferson 1991a)

This presumably could either be Diomedea or Phoebastria, the genus Diomedea having been split into these two genera since the original report.

Phoebastria albatrus—Short-tailed Albatross (Jefferson 1991a)

Diomedea albatrus

Phoebastria nigripes—Black-footed Albatross (Jefferson 1991a)

Diomedea nigripes

Fulmarus glacialis—Northern Fulmar (Jefferson 1991a)
Puffinus griseus—Sooty Shearwater (Jefferson 1991a)
Puffinus opisthomelas—Black-vented Shearwater (Jefferson 1991a)
Phalacrocorax auritus—Double-crested Cormorant (Jefferson 1991a)
Phalacrocorax penicillatus—Brandt's Cormorant (Jefferson 1991a)
Cathartes aura—Turkey Vulture (Jefferson 1991a)
Coragyps sp.—Black Vultures (Jefferson 1991a)
Haliaeetus leucocephalus—Bald Eagle (Jefferson 1991a)
Fulica americana—American Coot (Jefferson 1991a)
Limosa fedoa—Marbled Godwit (Jefferson 1991a: ?)
Tringa sp.—Sandpipers (Jefferson 1991a)
Ptychoramphus aleuticus—Cassin's Auklet (Jefferson 1991a)
Synthliboramphus antiquus—Ancient Murrelet (Jefferson 1991a)
Larus glaucescens—(Glaucous-winged Gull (Jefferson 1991a)
Falco sparverius—American Kestrel (Jefferson 1991a)
Sturnella neglecta—Western Meadowlark (Jefferson 1991a)

Mammuthus sp.—Mammoths (Jefferson 1991b)
Nothrotheriops shastensis—Shasta Ground Sloth (Jefferson 1991b: cf.)
Megalonyx sp.—Megalonyx Ground Sloths (Jefferson 1991b)
Otospermophilus beecheyi—California Ground Squirrel (Jefferson 1991b)

Spermophilus beecheyi

Thomomys bottae—Botta's Pocket Gopher (Jefferson 1991b)
Microtus californicus—California Vole (Jefferson 1991b: cf.)
Neotoma fuscipes—Dusty-footed Woodrat (Jefferson 1991b: cf.)
Lepus sp.—Jackrabbits (Jefferson 1991b)
Sylvilagus bachmani—Brush Rabbit (Jefferson 1991b: cf.)
Panthera atrox—American Lion (Jefferson 1991b: cf.)
Puma concolor—Mountain Lion (Jefferson 1991b: cf.)

Felis cf. concolor

Smilodon fatalis—Sabertooth (Jefferson 1991b)
Canis dirus—Dire Wolf (Jefferson 1991b: ?)
Zalophus californicus—California Sea Lion (Jefferson 1991b)
Enhydra lutris—Sea Otter (Jefferson 1991b)
Eguus sp.—Horses (Jefferson 1991b)
Camelops sp.—American Camels (Jefferson 1991b)
Odocoileus hemionus—Mule Deer (Jefferson 1991b)
Capromeryx sp.—Diminutive Pronghorns (Jefferson 1991b: cf.)
Bison sp.—Bison (Jefferson 1991b)
Bison latifrons—Giant Bison (Jefferson 1991b: cf.)

Literature. Jefferson 1991a; Jefferson 1991b.


Last Update: 16 Jan 2014