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Santo Domingo

NM: Sandoval Co.


Location of the Santo Domingo site.Age. Late Blancan (between 2.67 and 2.41 my) (Morgan and Lucas 2003).

General Description. Sierra Ladrones Formation in the Albuquerque basin (Morgan and Lucas 2003).

Discussion. According to Morgan and Lucas (2003), presence of Nannippus indicates that the fauna is older than the extinction date for that taxon (2.2 mya), while other data indicate the age might be as old as 2.7 my and thus in latest Pliocene.


Equus calobatus—Stilt-legged Onager (Morgan and Lucas 2003: ?)
Equus scotti—Scott's Horse (Morgan and Lucas 2003)
Nannippus peninsulatus—Gazelle-horse (Morgan and Lucas 2003)
Platygonus bicalcaratus—Cope's Peccary (Morgan and Lucas 2003: ?)

Literature. Morgan and Lucas 2003.


Last Update: 30 Aug 2009