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Schuiling Cave

San Bernardino Co.


Location of Schuiling Cave

Age. Late Wisconsin/Holocene; there is a radiocarbon date of 12,500 ± 150 (Jefferson 1991b).

Description. Schuiling Cave is located about 2 miles southeast of Newberry, is about 18 feet wide, 13 feet in horizontal depth, and 7 feet in height; elevation is approximately 2160 ft. (Downs et al. 1959).

Downs et al. 1959) speculated that deposits from an aggrading stream eventually reached and rose over the cave opening, with Pleistocene faunal elements being deposited at that time; later degradation of the valley left the cave and its fill some 10 feet above the valley floor.



Gopherus agassizii—Agassiz's Desert Tortoise (Jefferson 1991a)


Sauromalus ater—Common Chuckwalla (Jefferson 1991a)

Sauromalus obesus

Crotalus atrox—Western Diamondback Rattlesnake (Jefferson 1991a: cf.)


Anas americanus—American Widgeon (Jefferson 1991a)
Anas crecca—Green-winged Teal (Jefferson 1991a: cf.)
Anas platyrhynchos—Mallard (Jefferson 1991a: cf.)
Aythya americana—Redhead (Jefferson 1991a: cf.)
Oxyura jamaicensis—Ruddy Duck (Jefferson 1991a)
Gymnogyps californianus—California Condor (Jefferson 1991a)

Gymnogyps amplus

Aquila chrysaetos—Golden Eagle (Jefferson 1991a)
Buteo jamaicensis—Red-tailed Hawk (Jefferson 1991a)
Fulica americana—American Coot (Jefferson 1991a)
Recurvirostra americana—Avocet (Jefferson 1991a)
Zenaida macroura—Mourning Dove (Jefferson 1991a)
Bubo virginianus—Great Horned Owl (Jefferson 1991a)
Megascops kennicottii—Western Screech Owl (Jefferson 1991a: cf.)

Otus cf. Otus asio

Colaptes auratus—Northern Flicker (Jefferson 1991a)
Corvus corax—Common Raven (Jefferson 1991a)


Homo sapiens—Human (Jefferson 1991b)
Spermophile—Spermophiles (Jefferson 1991b)

Spermophilus sp.

Chaetodipus/Perognathus sp.—Spiny or Silky Pocket Mice (Jefferson 1991b)

Perognathus sp.

Dipodomys sp.—Kangaroo Rats (Jefferson 1991b)
Thomomys sp.—Western Pocket Gophers (Jefferson 1991b)
Neotoma sp.—Woodrats (Jefferson 1991b)
Lepus sp.—Jack Rabbits (Jefferson 1991b)
Sylvilagus sp.—Cottontails (Jefferson 1991b)
Puma concolor—Mountain Lion (Jefferson 1991b: cf.)

Felis cf. F. concolor

Lynx sp.—Bobcat (Jefferson 1991b)
Canis lupus—Gray Wolf (Jefferson 1991b: cf.)
Urocyon sp.—Gray Foxes (Jefferson 1991b)
Taxidea taxus—American Badger (Jefferson 1991b: cf.)
Procyon sp.—Raccoons (Jefferson 1991b)
Eguus sp. (large)—Large Horses (Jefferson 1991b)
Eguus sp. (small)—Small Horses (Jefferson 1991b)
Camelops hesternus—Yesterday's Camel (Jefferson 1991b: ? gen.)
Hemiauchenia sp.—American Llama (Jefferson 1991b)
Capromeryx furcifer—Matthew's Pronghorn (Jefferson 1991b)

Capromeryx minor

Ovis sp.—Sheep (Jefferson 1991b)

Literature. Downs et al. 1959; Jefferson 1991a; Jefferson 1991b.


Last Update: 26 May 2015