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Shelton Canyon

NM: Catron Co.: 33°18'N, 108°52'W; 1494 m.


Location of the Shelton Canyon site.Age. Rancholabrean. (Morgan and Lucas 2005).

General Description. Gila National Forest on north side of Shelton Canyon about 5 km south of Glenwood (Morgan and Lucas 2005).


Equus sp. (small)—Small Horse (Morgan and Lucas 2005)
Equus sp. (large)—Large Horse (Morgan and Lucas 2005)
Platygonus compressus—Flat-headed Peccary (Morgan and Lucas 2005)
Antilocapridae—Pronghorn (Morgan and Lucas 2005)

Literature. Morgan and Lucas 2005.


Last Update: 31 Oct 2008