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Tijeras Arroyo

NM: Bernalillo Co.: 35°01'N, 106°37W; 1600 m.


Location of the Tijeras arroyo sitesAge. Early Irvingtonian. The maximum age of the fauna is 1.6 Ma and the minimum is 1.2 Ma, based on the ages of bracketing volcanic ashes (Morgan and Lucas 2005).

General Description. Morgan and Lucas (2005) note that there are about a dozen localities within the Arroyo, with Irvingtonian-age fossil occurring in the Sierra Ladrones Formation.

Discussion. Morgan and Lucas describe the area and fauna in some detail. They also note that although two species of Mammuthus are present, the less derived species (M. meridionalis) is lower in the section and close to the 1.6 Ma age. They also state that Hemiauchenia macrocephala was recovered higher in the section than the rest of the fauna, but still in Early Irvingtonian time.


Ictalurus—Catfish (Morgan and Harris 2015)

Hesperotestudo sp. Land Tortoise (Morgan and Lucas 2005)

Aves—Bird (Morgan and Lucas 2005)

Mammuthus imperator—Imperial Mammoth (Morgan and Lucas 2005)
Mammuthus meridionalis—Southern Mammoth (Morgan and Lucas 2005)
Glyptotherium arizonae—Arizona Glyptodont (Morgan and Lucas 2005: cf.)
Lepus sp.—Jackrabbit (Morgan and Lucas 2005: cf.)
Equus sp. (small)—Small Horse (Morgan and Lucas 2005)
Equus scotti—Scott's Horse (Morgan and Lucas 2005)
Camelops hesternus—Yesterday's Camel (Morgan and Lucas 2005: ?)
Hemiauchenia macrocephala—Big-headed Llama (Morgan and Lucas 2005)
Antilocapridae—Pronghorn (Morgan and Lucas 2005: gen. et sp. indet.)

Literature. Morgan and Harris 2015; Morgan and Lucas 2005.


Last Update: 8 Feb 2016