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Tortugas Mountain Gravel Pit

NM: Doña Ana Co.: 32°18'N, 106°43'W; 1280 m.


Location of the Tortugas Mountain Gravel Pit siteAge. Early Irvingtonian, between 1.6 and 1.2 Ma (Morgan and Lucas 2005).

General Description. The sediments are sand and gravel deposits of the ancestral Rio Grande in the upper Camp Rice Formation, just northwest of Tortugas Mountain (Morgan and Lucas 2005).


Mammuthus imperator—Imperial Mammoth (Morgan and Lucas 2005)
Cuvieronius tropicus—Cuvier's Gomphothere (Morgan and Lucas 2005)
Stegomastodon mirificus—Wonderful Stegomastodont (Morgan and Lucas 2005)

Literature. Morgan and Lucas 2005.


Last Update: 31 Oct 2008