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Location of the Toyah site.Age. Late Wisconsin. A radiocarbon date is 12,140 ± 140 (Teledyne Isotopes, I-7088) (Metcalf 1977).

General Description. Arroyo near Toyah.

Discussion. Alerted by Dr. William Strain, Dr. A. L. Metcalf visited the site on 17 April 1965. At that time, he found a mammoth skull protruding from the base of a 10-foot high arroyo bank (Metcalf 1977). According to Metcalf, the skull later was removed by personnel from Sul Ross State University and the Paleo-Indian Institute of New Mexico Eastern University.

Although Metcalf was interested primarily in the mollusks, he mentioned fish (including spines of catfish), reptiles, and mammals from a sample of sediments from near the mammoth skull. The disposition of these is unknown.

The mammoth is assumed on the basis of age of the deposits to be M. columbi.


Mammuthus columbi—Columbian Mammoth (Metcalf 1977)

Literature. Metcalf 1977.


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