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Villa Ahumada

MEXICO: Chihuahua


Location of Samalayuca

Age. Age is assumed to be Rancholabrean.Tooth of Equus ? francisci

General Description. Comadurán et al. (1992) described the site as fossiliferous spring deposits from the Santa Barbara Ranch, located some 9 km north of Villa Ahumada. The material was recovered from a a shallow water well that revealed a 6-m, coarse-grained sand matrix unit covered by 3 m of recent gypsum-bearing alluvium. Polished teeth and bone fragments suggest tumbling within a spring conduit. Faunal materials are housed in the UTEP Biodiversity Collections.

Fig. 1. Tooth of Equus ? francisci showing polish and adhering matrix.


Mammuthus sp.—Mammoth (Comadurán et al. 1992)
Equus francisci—Stilt-legged Onager (UTEP: ?)
Camelops sp.—American Camels (UTEP)

Literature. Comadurán et al. 1992.


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