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Wanis View Estates, Oceanside

CA: San Diego Co.


Location of Wanis View Estates.Age. Rancholabrean (Jefferson 2014).

Discussion: Both faunal and sedimentary evidence indicates a lacustrine depositional environment (Wagner et al. 2003).


Eucyclogobius sp.—Tidewater Gobies (Jefferson 2014)
Cottus sp.—Freshwater Sculpins (Jefferson 2014)
Mugil sp.—Gray Mullets (Jefferson 2014)
Gasterosteus sp.—Sticklebacks (Jefferson 2014)
Gila/Rhinichthys sp.—Chubs or Daces (Jefferson 2014)
Anaxyrus sp.—Nearctic Toads (Jefferson 2014)

Bufo sp.

Hyla sp.—Treefrogs (Jefferson 2014)
Actinemys sp.—Pond Turtles (Jefferson 2014)

Clemmys sp.

Mammuthus columbi—Columbian Mammoth (Jefferson 2014)
Mammut americanum—American Mastodon (Jefferson 2014)
Spermophile—Spermophiles (Jefferson 2014)

Spermophilus sp.

Chaetodipus/Perognathus sp.—Spiny or Silky Pocket Mice (Jefferson 2014)

Perognathus sp.

Thomomys sp.—Western Pocket Gophers (Jefferson 2014)
Microtus sp.—Voles (Jefferson 2014)
Neotoma mexicana—Woodrats (Jefferson 2014)
Reithrodontomys fulvescens—Fulvus Harvest Mouse (Jefferson 2014)
Sylvilagus sp.—Cottontails (Jefferson 2014)
Urocyon sp.—Gray Foxes (Jefferson 2014: cf.)
Equus sp.—Horses (Jefferson 2014)
Tapirus californicus—California Tapir (Jefferson 2014)
Bison sp.—Bison (Jefferson 2014)

Literature. Jefferson 2014; Wagner et al. 2003.


Last Update: 20 May 2015