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Witch Cave

NM: Cibola Co.: NW¼ NW¼ Sec. 14, T6N, R5W.


Location of Whut Cave.Age. Late Pleistocene.

General Description. Smartt et al. 1990: North end of Mesa del Oro. One of many caves of the Pronoun Cave Complex. The mesa is made up of early Pleistocene travertine deposits; most of caves are partially closed fissures formed by settling of the travertine blocks.

Discussion. Bighorn sheep fossils were "on the underside of a clogged fissure approximately 15 meters below the surface and on the cave floor directly beneath it" (Smartt et al. 1990:107). Measurements are given of various fossil and modern specimens in Smartt et al. 1990.


Ovis canadensis catclawensis—Catclaw Bighorn Sheep (Smartt et al. 1990)

Literature. Smartt et al. 1990.


Last Update: 2 Nov 2008