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Class Chelonia
Family Emydidae

Regional distribution of Pleistocene Actinemys sp.

Actinemys sp.—Pond Turtles


Rancholabrean: Eagle Crest (Jefferson 2014: ?); Harbor Freeway and 112-113th streets (Jefferson 1991b); Lakeview Hot Spring (Jefferson 1991a); Los Angeles Police Station (Jefferson 1991b); Salt Springs (Jefferson 1991a).

Late Pleistocene: Wanis View (Jefferson 2014).

Sangamon: Kelly Pits (Jefferson 1991a); Naval Fuel Reserve Quarry (Jefferson 1991a); Pacific Ave. and Olive St., San Pedro (Jefferson 1991a); San Pedro Lumber Co. (Jefferson 1991a); U. S. Veterans Hospital, Long Beach (Jefferson 1991b: cf.).

Wisconsin: Zuma Creek (Jefferson 1991a).

Late Wisconsin: La Mirada (Jefferson 1991a).

Literature. Jefferson 1991a, 2014.

Regional distribution of Pleistocene Actinemys pallida

Actinemys pallida (Seeliger 1945)—Southern Western Pond Turtle

Until recently, Actinemys marmorata was considered to consist of a single species; two species are now recognized (Spinks et al. 2014): A. marmorata to the north and A. pallida to the south. Fossils noted here fall into the current range of A. pallida and are recognized here as that species solely on the basis of the current geographic distribution.

The Western Pond Turtle is an aquatic species of the west coast of temperate North America west of the crests of the Cascade and Sierra Nevada ranges.

Synonyms. Actinemys marmorata, Clemmys marmorata.


Late Blancan/Irvingtonian: Vallecito Creek, Anza-Borrego Desert (Cassiliano 1999).

?Late Irvingtonian/Rancholabrean: Emery Borrow Pit (Jefferson 1991a).

Irvingtonian/Rancholabrean: Manix Lake (Jefferson 1991a).

Rancholabrean: Century City, Los Angeles (Jefferson 1991a); Flowing Wells no. 3, East Mesa (Jefferson 1991a: ? gen. et sp.); Los Angeles Brick Yard No. 3 (Jefferson 1991a).

Sangamon: Costa Mesa San Isabel (Jefferson 2014); Naval Housing Unit (Jefferson 1991a).

Wisconsin: Carpinteria (Jefferson 1991a); Costeau Pit (Jefferson 1991a).

Early Wisconsin: Stevens Lake (Jefferson 1991a).

Mid Wisconsin: McKittrick (Jefferson 1991a); Pacific City (Wake and Roeder 2009: cf. gen. et sp.).

Mid/Late Wisconsin: Diamond Valley (Springer et al. 2009); Rancho La Brea (Brattstrom 1953).

Late Wisconsin: Park Place, Irvine (Jefferson 2014).

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Last Update: 6 Jan 2016