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Class Reptilia
Order Squamata
Suborder Sauria
Family Eublepharidae


Coleonyx variegatus (Baird 1858)—Western Banded GeckoRegional Pleistocene distribution of Coleonyx variegatus

This lizard now inhabits most of the southwestern half of Arizona, southeastern California, and well up into the Grand Canyon. There are some isolated populations north of the canyon. It also extends into the extreme southwestern part of New Mexico.

Western Banded Gecko

Fig. 1. Western Banded Gecko, San Diego County, California. Image courtesy of Gary Nafis and


Late Wisconsin: Antelope Cave (Reynolds, Reynolds, Bell, and Pitzer 1991); Desert Almond (Van Devender et al. 1977a); Picacho Peak (Van Devender et al. 1991).

Late Wisconsin/Holocene: Kokoweef Cave (Reynolds, Reynolds, et al. 1991).

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Last Update: 28 May 2014