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Class Aves
Order Strigiformes
Family Strigidae


Bubo sp.—Horned OwlsPleistocene regional distribution of Bubo sp.


Rancholabrean: Tule Springs (Springer et al. 2005).

Irvingtonian: El Golfo (Croxen et al. 2007).

Literature. Croxen et al. 2007; Springer et al. 2005.


Bubo virginianus—Great Horned OwlPleistocene regional distribution of Bubo virginianus

Bubo virginianus, image by Arthur H. HarrisThis is a large owl widespread at present throughout the region from low desert to highest mountains. It is quite capable of taking rabbit sized prey as well as large rodents.

Fig. 1. Great Horned Owl within U-Bar Cave, 1985. The normally black pupils are reflecting the camera's flash. Photo by Arthur H. Harris.

The tentative identification of Strix brea (Harris 1993c, Hurley 1972) from the Dry Cave site, Room of the Vanishing Floor, has been re-identified as this species with the finding of the missing portion of the specimen.


Irvingtonian/Rancholabrean: Manix Lake (Jefferson 1991a).

Rancholabrean: Lake San Agustín (Morgan and Lucas 2005).

Rancholabrean/?Early Holocene: Mitchell Caverns (Jefferson 1991a).

Wisconsin: Carpinteria (Guthrie 2009).

Early/Early-Mid Wisconsin: Lost Valley (Harris 1993c); Rm Vanishing Floor (Harris 1993c).

Mid Wisconsin: McKittrick (Jefferson 1991a); Pendejo Cave (Harris 2003).

Mid/Late Wisconsin/Holocene: Jimenez Cave (Messing 1986); Sierra Diablo Cave (UTEP) (cf.).

Mid/Late Wisconsin: Dark Canyon Cave (Howard 1971); NW Talus Slope (Harris 1993c); Rancho La Brea (Stock and Harris 1992).

Mid Wisconsin-Holocene: Shelter Cave (Howard and Miller 1933).

Late Wisconsin: Charlies Parlor (Harris 1989); Circus Route (Harris 1993c); Harris' Pocket (Harris 1989: cf.); Maricopa (Jefferson 1991a); Sandia Cave (Brasso and Emslie 2006); Stanton's Cave (Rea and Hargrave 1984).

Late Wisconsin/Holocene: Burnet Cave (Wetmore 1932); Howell's Ridge Cave (Harris 1993c); Newberry Cave (Jefferson 1991a); Pendejo Cave (Harris 2003); Schuiling Cave (Jefferson 1991a).

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Last Update: 18 Jun 2014