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Class Aves
Order Passeriformes
Family Fringillidae


Carpodacus sp.—Purple FinchesPleistocene regional distribution of Carpodacus sp.

Cassin's Finch tends to occur in dense montane forest, although it may occur at lower altitudes in winter. The common member of the genus is the House Finch (see below).


Late Wisconsin: Bison Chamber (Harris 1993c); Camel Room (Harris 1993c: ?); Harris' Pocket (Harris 1989).

Literature. Harris 1989, 1993c.


Carpodacus mexicanus (Müller 1776)—House FinchPleistocene regional distribution of Carpodacus mexicanus

House Finches are widely distributed in the Upper and Lower Sonoran life-zones, but may also range up into at least the lower montane forests.


Mid Wisconsin-Holocene: Shelter Cave (Howard and Miller 1933).

Late Wisconsin/Holocene: Conkling Cavern (Howard and Miller 1933).

Literature. Howard and Miller 1933.


Last Update: 20 Mar 2013