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Class Aves
Order Passeriformes
Family Icteridae


Pandanaris convexa Miller 1947—Convex-billed CowbirdPleistocene regional distribution of Pandanaris convexa.

Rancho La Brea is the type locality of Pandanaris convexa. Miller (1947: 22) described the genus as follow:

Generic characters.-Upper mandible similar to that of Tangavius and Molothrus in shortness and great basal depth, and in shape and depth of central groove of palatal surface, but narial opening much larger (about 30 per cent, relatively) and anterobasal angle of opening more acute; culmen uniformly curved from base; without basal hummock present to varying degree in most icterids; internarial bridge broad, hence wholly different from that of cowbirds and blackbirds (including Pyelorhamphus), the breadth equivalent to that in some caciques (Amblycercus and Cacicus), but without any of the associated restriction of narial opening found in that group of icterids. Type.-Pandanaris convexa.

The species description (p. 22) was given as: "tomium curved in lateral view, especially basally beneath anterior end of nasal fossa, as in Molothrus; basal half of culmen flat, not ridged, and posterior end of internarial bridge but slightly narrower than anterior end; posteroventral margin of nostril distinctly angled, not rounded."


Mid/Late Wisconsin: Rancho La Brea (Miller 1947).

Literature. Miller 1947.


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