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Class Aves
Order Strigiformes
Family Strigidae


Psiloscops flammeolus (Kaup 1853)—Flammulated Screech OwlPleistocene regional distribution of Otus flammeolus

Synonyms. Otus flammeolus.

Otus recently was split into Old and New World scops-owls, with most of the taxa earlier recognized as Otus reverting to the earlier-named Megascops. Otus flammeolus, however, was tentatively retained in Otus until further research could clarify its relationships. With new research, this species was recognized as the sister genus of Megascops, and the current name is Psiloscops flammeolus (Chesser et al. 2013).

This small owl is distributed throughout the region in forested areas (Ligon 1961).


Mid Wisconsin: Pendejo Cave (Harris 2003: ? gen. et sp.)

Literature. Chesser et al. 2013; Harris 2003; Ligon 1961.


Last Update: 19 Jun 2014