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Class Aves
Order Accipitriformes
Family Accipitridae


Spizaetus sp.—Hawk-eagleDistribution of regional Pleistocene Spizaetus sp.

This genus is represented by extant species in Central and South America and in the Old World.


Sangamon: La Brisca (Van Devender et al. 1985: cf.).

Literature. Van Devender et al. 1985.


Spizaetus grinnelli Miller 1911—Grinnell's Crested EagleRegional distribution of Pleistocene Spizaetus grinnelli


Wisconsin: Carpinteria (Guthrie 2009).

Mid Wisconsin: McKittrick (Jefferson 1991a).

Mid/Late Wisconsin: Rancho La Brea (Stock and Harris 1992).

Late Wisconsin: Maricopa (Jefferson 1991a).

Literature. Guthrie 2009; Jefferson 1991a; Stock and Harris 1992.


Spizaetus willetti Howard 1935—Willett's Hawk-eagleDistribution of regional Pleistocene Spizaetus willettii

Named from Smith Creek Cave, Nevada, Willett's Hawk-eagle had a number of similarities with the Golden Eagle, but was larger and heavier (Howard 1935, 1962).


Late Wisconsin: Howell's Ridge Cave (Howard 1962).

Literature. Howard 1935, 1962.


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