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Class Aves
Order Passeriformes
Family Icteridae


Sturnella sp.—MeadowlarksPleistocene regional distribution of Sturnella sp.

The Western Meadowlark is widespread in the region today, and the range of the Eastern Meadowlark includes much of eastern Arizona, the southern portions of New Mexico, and most of Trans-Pecos Texas. Both prefer open areas of grassland.


Rancholabrean: Cool Water Coal Gasification Solid Waste Site (Jefferson 1991a: aff.).

Mid Wisconsin: Pendejo Cave (Harris 2003).

Mid/Late Wisconsin: Dark Canyon Cave (Harris 1993c: ?, as Euphagus/Sturnella).

Late Wisconsin: Harris' Pocket (Harris 1989).

Literature. Harris 1989, 1993c, 2003; Jefferson 1991a.


Sturnella neglecta Audubon 1844—Western MeadowlarkPleistocene regional distribution of Sturnella neglecta


Rancholabrean: San Pedro Lumber Yard (Jefferson 1991a).

Sangamon: San Pedro Lumber Co. (Jefferson 1991a).

Wisconsin: Carpinteria (Guthrie 2009).

Mid/Late Wisconsin: Diamond Valley (Springer et al. 2009: cf. gen.); Rancho La Brea (Stock and Harris.

Late Wisconsin: Maricopa (Jefferson 1991a).

Literature. Guthrie 2009; Jefferson 1991a; Stock and Harris 1992.


Last Update: 16 Mar 2014