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Class Aves
Order Accipitriformes
Family Accipitridae


Accipiter—Bird Hawks // Amplibuteo woodwardi—Woodward's Eagle // Aquila bivia—Two-wayed Eagle // Aquila chrysaetos—Golden Eagle // Aquila/Haliaeetus—Golden or Bald Eagle // Buteo—Buteonine Hawks // Buteogallus—Black Hawks // Circus cyaneus—Northern Harrier // Elanus caeruleus—Black-winged Kite // Haliaeetus leucocephalus—Bald Eagle // Ictinia sp.—Kite // Neogyps errans—Errant Eagle // Neophrontops—Neophrontops // Spizaetus—Hawk-eagles

Accipitridae—Eagles and Hawks

The Accipitridae includes a large number (the American Ornithologists' Union lists more than 50 species) of hawks, eagles, and relatives, of which well over a third are known from our region today. Fossil remains frequently can be recognized rather easily as belonging to the family, but identification to species often is difficult.


Last Update: 26 Dec 2013